Gerhard Schroeder

Topic: Predictive (e)valuations – a critical view on mark-to-market models, Level 3 Fair Values, Black Scholes, etc

Gerhard Schroeder with a long career in IT and Finance studied economics at the University of Goettingen (Diplom-Kaufmann). He joined IBM first in IT  (manufacturing) and held  later non-executive management positions in finance  including the responsibility for German accounting programs.  Past a major defence project and assignments in USA and France  (7 years) he participated in founding a consultancy subsidiary of IBM Germany supporting Banks, (German) Building Societies, IT Centers (Sparkassen & Genossenschaften) and Automotive.  After retiring from IBM he focused on stochastic market models (Guest studies at Uni Stuttgart-Hohenheim, lecturing at Uni Flensburg). Gerd, now of independent means, speaks German and English and lives now in Flensburg.