Past Seminars

We offer direct downloads of presentations for only the most recent seminar. If you would like a copy of a presentation from an older seminar, please request a copy via e-mail to

SeminarDateLocationLink to DetailsLink to Pictures
88th Seminar6 June 2024FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
87th Seminar16 November 2023FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
86th Seminar11 May 2023FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
85th Seminar17 November 2022FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
84th Seminar1 June 2022FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
83rd Seminar18 November 2021FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
82nd Seminar10 May & 9 September 2021WebinarSeminar Programme

81st Seminar19 November 2020WebinarSeminar Programme
80th Seminar1 October 2019StuttgartSeminar ProgrammeGallery
79th Seminar16 May 2019FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
78th Seminar22 November 2018FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
77th Seminar30 May 2018FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
76th Seminar9 November 2017FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
75th Seminar25 April 2017BerlinSeminar ProgrammeGallery
74th Seminar10 November 2016FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
73rd Seminar
28 April 2016FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeGallery
72nd Seminar
12 November 2015FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
71st Seminar
23 April 2015FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
70th Seminar9 October 2014StuttgartSeminar Programme Gallery
69th Seminar7 May 2014Frankfurt Seminar Programme Gallery
68th Seminar14 November 2013Frankfurt Seminar Programme Gallery
67th Seminar16 May 2013FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
66th Seminar14 November 2012FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
65th Seminar25 April 2012FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
64th Seminar9 November 2011FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
63rd Seminar11 May 2011FrankfurtSeminar ProgrammeSorry, no pictures available!
62nd Seminar24 November 2010FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
61st Seminar21 April 2010FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
60th Seminar18 September 2009Strasbourg, FranceSeminar Programme Gallery
59th Seminar22 April 2009FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery
58th Seminar28 October 2008FrankfurtSeminar Programme Gallery