Paul Buckley

As the 6th President of the Accountants Group in Germany (AGIG) since its formation in 1980, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

The AGIG is funded by the six UK and Irish Accountancy Bodies. We currently represent more than 900 professionally qualified Accountants resident here in Germany.

The AGIG is run by a committee elected by the members at the AGM each April.  Our principal goals are to encourage networking between members, to develop relationships with local professional bodies and to help with continuing professional education (CPE).

Our main contact with our members is through the Seminars which we hold twice a year in Frankfurt as well as regional Seminars.  Being subsidized by the CCAB, they are excellent value for money, and the committee and I are continually seeking out new speakers and selecting relevant topics of interest for these events.

Since my appointment in 2009, we have also celebrated our 60th Anniversary Seminar in Strasbourg, the first time we have held an event outside Germany and more recently our 70th Anniversary Seminar in Stuttgart, to coincide with their local beer Festival, the “Canstatter Volksfest” and our 75th Anniversary Seminar in Berlin.

For those of you who have not yet managed to come along, please do so, and I look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt or at one of the regional Seminars sometime soon.

With Kind Regards

Paul Buckley
President   AGiG