Regional Seminar in Hamburg on 22 March 2018

We are pleased to announce that our next regional Seminar will be held in Hamburg on 22 March 2018. This time the Event will take place at the Anglo-German Club, Harvestehude Weg 44 (

The format of the event will be the same as in the past, starting at 10:45am with registration and coffee followed by presentations and then by lunch.

The topic will be “Start-ups and high-growth companies: a reality check” and we have 3 speakers – Tim Dieckmann and Dr. Steve Janner from PwC, talking about how to value high-growth companies and Dr. Oliver Melzer from Security Industry Group talking about the view of an investor in start-ups and what to watch out for.

It should be a fascinating discussion so please register here and put this in your diaries!

Future Events

For those of you wishing to reserve the dates in your diaries early, we have now fixed the timing of forthcoming seminars as follows:

Hamburg Regional Seminar – 22 March 2018 (Anglo-German Club, Hamburg)

Seminar 77 (Spring 2018) – 30 May 2018 (Novotel Frankfurt)

Seminar 78 (Autumn 2018) – 22 November 2018 (Novotel Frankfurt)

Seminar 79 (Spring 2019) – 16 May 2019 (Novotel Frankfurt)

Seminar 80 (Autumn 2019) – 10 October 2019 (Novotel Frankurt)

Regional Seminar in Munich on 7.9.17 – Presentation

On 7 September 2017, we held a regiional seminar in Munich. The PwC Cyber Security Leader, Derk Fischer, gave a fascinating presentation on the subject “Why WannaCry and Petya ought not to cause tears in your IT world”.

For those of you who are interested, we provide the following link to his presentation —>Link